Many question if print is relevant in a digital world.

While many people question if print is a thing of the past, we can tell you that there are many uses for print media in today’s digital world.

First, print is tangible, engages the senses, and is viewable anywhere without the need for technology. Mobile and tablet device owners are acutely aware of digital media’s benefits; however, there is still nothing like having that document in hand – feeling the texture, seeing the brilliant colors on the page, and viewing it without plugging in or charging it up. Paper can be any size, shape or color; it can enhance an idea and become a work of art. From larger than life billboards, to the smallest printed teaser card, togenerating buzz of a new restaurant opening. Print enhances it all.


Print is engaging and personable. Reader comprehension is dramatically higher when a printed book is read versus reading a book on a tablet. [1] The same article states that reading a book with the pages being turned builds suspense and intrigue, as the page count on the left is growing as the pages on the right decrease. Digital ads can be cold and lacking in human connection.

Print ads are more legitimate and credible. Think back to the last time you saw a banner ad on a website. Were you inclined to click on it? Did the word “virus” come to mind? There is an ease with print that you don’t get with onscreen text, a sense of being more trustworthy. Print is more permanent; it has to stand up over time while the web is constantly changing – digital information can be rewritten or even deleted.

Print has been around for thousands of years in one form or another, and print will continue to be an important part of society for years to come. Check out more information on our printing services here!

1. Flood, Alison. 8/19/2014. Readers absorb less on Kindles than on paper, study finds. Retrieved July 9, 2015 from The Guardian: