Keep your viewers lingering longer.

Printed materials are all about getting your message across to the reader – whether you are selling a vacuum or a house, the average reader’s attention span is 8 seconds.

To keep viewers lingering longer, keep in mind these tips for designing a unique printed piece for your business. They are sure to make an impact.

Keep your message short and sweet!

You know they’ve got to be right to attract the audience you want. You’ve slaved over what to say, and then what happens? Your advertisement is taken over by lengthy text, and no one reads it. What can you do? Accept that people scan. You can save the time and headache by writing less and styling your text so it’s easy to read. current date time This could be all you need to do to attract and hold attention.

The aesthetic beauty of your printed piece.
Using minimal words with stunning color will drive your customers to remember you and buy your product. They will remember the way your design made them feel. To judge the color of your piece, ask yourself: are your colors up-to-date and contemporary? Have you examined the effect of your brand color on your clients? Colors and their meaning are deeply engrained in our minds. When you see red, you automatically think stop; yellow, caution; and green, go. Are the colors and shapes in your branding sending messages that you would rather not send? Take some time to review your branding with AZ Litho to come up with a look that works for you.

AZ Litho has large format multi-color presses that allow the flexibility to add vibrant color, unique coatings, as well as embossing and die-cutting. We can help you craft the right message and choose the right colors to make views become customers.