Do you have a piece of writing you want to publish?

The beginning of a new year is always a great time to get back to your bucket list. If you have always wanted to publish a piece of writing, don’t wait any longer. One of the many services that AZ Litho can assist with is self-publishing.

A growing trend, self-publishing, offers the writer a multitude of benefits, such as maintaining all ownership rights and complete creative control over their work.
With self -publishing being an easily accessible option, aspiring writers no longer need to be concerned with finding a publishing house willing to pick up their work and the lengthy process that ensues. AZ Litho can do a short-run digital printing of your writing and have it ready to be shared in no time!

Does your family have a deep-rooted history, or maybe one just full of entertaining short stories? A common short-run digital self-publishing project we see at AZ Litho is family history type books. What a great way to create a long-lasting legacy for your family that can be passed down through the generations and enjoyed by many other readers!

Contact AZ Litho and let us help you get your writing out in front of a potential audience.