Capture the Hearts of Gen X & Y Through Direct Mail

You may think that in a digital age, marketing campaigns such as direct mail may be lost on your target Generation X and Generation Y consumers, but that doesn’t seem to be quite the case. In 2014, 77% of Generation X and 63% of Generation Y consumers purchased products through a direct mailing. The key to snagging their attention is to make your direct mailing pertinent, relate-able, and trustworthy for those perpetually skeptical Generation X and Y’ers.
Both groups are immersed in the world of social media and using things such as hashtags, QR codes, and URL’s for your company’s social media accounts on your direct mailings allows them to interact further with your company and gives them more reason to use your services.
Being experienced with the recession, the Generation X and Generation Y consumers tend to be innately skeptical. When putting together a direct mailing campaign, your company must exhibit professionalism and give them an offer with a guarantee; they need to know you are serious and stand by your products or services.
Another aspect to consider is keeping your direct mailing personal and avoiding cliches or ever so sudden changing trends. Digital age generations have seen it all and chances are, something that is interesting to them one day, may not be the next. A successful direct mailing campaign needs to be original and not rely on fads, or your company may be forgotten just as fast as Generation X and Y’ers move on to the next trend.
With AZ Litho as your direct mailing headquarters, we will consider all these facets and more when developing a direct mailing campaign tailored to your company!