Earth-Conscious Printing

Many people have moved away from using printed items to try to be more earth-conscious. While printing does have an impact on the environment, like every activity we partake in, the impact is less than many people think.

The amount of CO2 emissions from making a CD are four times higher than from printing a 100 page, 4-color annual report. Digital media, such as CD’s require energy every time they are viewed, whereas something that is printed, has a one-time carbon footprint. So every time you turn on your Kindle to read something, you are using energy. However, pick up a printed book and the only energy you are using is your own.

Paper is considered a renewable and recyclable resource. Recycling efforts make printing even less detrimental to the environment, and the loss of trees minimal. In 2013, 63.5% of all paper consumed was recovered through recycling. Private landowners plant 4 million trees every day, which is 3 to 4 times more than what is harvested. In fact, the U.S. Has 20% more trees than it did on the 1st Earth Day in the spring of 1970.

Paper is only one of many renewable resources that are so important to our daily lives. All plants, not just trees, which are used for manufactured products and food items are renewable resources. To learn more about how we work to protect the environment and how we use 100% renewable energy in the production of all printed materials, please contact your sales representative for a facility tour.