Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970

This annual event is dedicated to events that support environmental protection and bring awareness to finding ways to conserve our planet. AZ Litho is committed to minimizing any negative impact that printing could have on the environment.

AZ Litho uses 100% Vegetable Oil Based Inks, and we are powered by 100% Multiple Renewable Energy Sources. We upgraded our lights in our Main Plant to T-8 Lights to reduce our Energy Consumption and give our Pressmen and Color Production Personnel the best, most efficient lighting to produce our Clients’ Printed Projects.

As far as the paper we use for our printing, AZ Litho utilizes FSC-certified domestic paper as often as possible. Most domestic paper is produced from farms which harvest trees for their pulp. The trees, similar to how vegetables are farmed, are grown, harvested, and replanted every year. When you add it up, AZ Litho is a “GREEN” company. Give your Representative a call and ask how AZ Litho can make your Printed Project “GREEN”.