Connect with customers on a personal level

When pursuing customers through a print campaign, whether it’s just a simple mailer or a catalog, it is important to find a way to connect with them personally so that your company is not lost in the barrage of junk mail. The problem becomes, how do you personalize these items without spending an impractical amount of time on a single campaign? This is where the ease of variable printing comes into play.

Variable printing allows items such as graphics, photos, or print to be swapped out from one document to the next. This means, each customer can receive a mailer personalized with their name, or even images that will draw them into actually reading what your business has to offer them. AZ Litho offers variable printing to all our customers to save them time and money, and to create print campaigns that will produce higher response rates than just the generic mailers. Variable printing can even be used on a short print run project, providing you the flexibility of a short run, without compromising the quality of personalization. Call AZ Litho today for more information on how to use variable printing for your next print campaign.