Benefits of a Printed Book

In a time when it seems as though ebook readers are sold at every store around, it’s hard to imagine that there is still a place for print books in this digitally saturated world. Believe it or not, print books are still the preference among most readers.

While e-books lend a certain convenience factor to reading, they can often be more distracting than beneficial. Certain features of e-books keep the reader from connecting emotionally or absorbing the information they read as well as if they read the same text on a printed page. In fact, a study done by USA Today in 2013 showed that students actually retain less when reading from a screen.

This preference for print over digital books doesn’t seem to be encompassing just one particular age bracket either. From college students given the option to download a textbook or buy it to young children reading with their parents, they all are still leaning towards print over digital. There’s just something about being able to connect with a printed book, physically turn the pages, and track your progress that an e-book doesn’t fulfill for its readers.