Optimizing Your Brochure Design

Brochures can be a great means of effective advertising for your business, often circulated to spread the word about any special services or upcoming events. When designed and printed with your audience in mind, they can act as useful tools in educating and reeling in customers. Designing a brochure with the ability to do this can seem like a hassle, but let us give you some simple tips to get you started on the right path.

Plan and stick to a color scheme. Consider using a palette of colors that will appeal to your audience. Take your typical customer into consideration, and research what colors will best fit the crowd you’re aiming at. Pick colors that fit together well, but will also appeal to your optimal customers.

Use plenty of photos. Photos are an eye-catching means of drawing attention. Well-chosen photos will add in some pops of color to your brochure, while also further promoting your purpose. They should be kept relevant, but they should also be chosen for their aesthetic in the altogether design. Try to match them with the color palette that’s already been chosen.

Limit the variability of your fonts. Try to keep the fonts you’ve chosen consistent, with only about two different font faces and minimal variance among the sizes chosen. Too much variation may confuse your readers and will end up making the design appear sloppy.

Make your copy stand out. Whether your copy is written in-house or outsourced, make sure it stays quick and to the point, while keeping the reader’s attention. Short, quick statements in brochures do better to maintain reader’s attention and make your purpose clear.

Call AZ Litho for print design assistance. Our print design experts are well-versed in making your business collateral stand out of the crowd, through the entire process of designing, printing, and even finishing printed materials. We know the print world unlike anything else, so collaborate with us so that we can ensure the beautiful brochures of your dreams can become a stunning reality.