How Print and Web Design Play a Part in Your Marketing Plan

To make a good first impression with a new customer base, a marketing strategy is crucial to earning the name recognition and overall attention your business deserves. Both print and digital marketing can be integral parts in this, with printed collateral for distribution and digital media to draw attention online. Regardless of medium, both methods can be great assistants in making good first impressions with potential customers, if incorporated in the right ways. Print and digital media are each a different world– let us walk you through the important parts of marketing in both.


With print media, the design and the quality itself of the print are both of prime importance. Pick colors to catch the eye of the right crowd, based on your customer base. It’s important that the colors will compliment one another and stand out on the page, so take your time finding the right mix for you. You should also pay attention to the design of your copy, with minimal font style variance and appealing placement. What is also of high importance, however, is print quality. At AZ Litho, our print design experts are always available to assist you with both the design and the print choices you’ll need to make. We offer several different printing techniques and finishing options that will help carry you through the entire collateral design and printing process. Our attentiveness won’t let up until long after the ink has dried.

As for your digital design needs, your website also has to have an eye-catching aesthetic to draw in your customers and maintain their attention. Your color and font choices are again crucial, but another important aspect of web design is your overall organization and navigation. One big difference between print and digital media is that digital media often requires more customer interaction to fulfill its purpose, so if a site visitor isn’t sticking around, your website isn’t performing well enough. We’re happy to assist in designing beautiful sites for you to achieve your end goals, that will not only look beautiful, but will also help to serve the right purpose.

Regardless of the balance you use, it is often a smart idea to implement both print and digital media into your marketing strategy. Whatever you decide is best for your business, come into AZ Litho and we will be happy to discuss your options. When it comes to marketing, we have expertise in bringing beautiful ideas into wonderful realities– so entrust us to be your partner for all of your marketing needs.