What Makes a Good Print Ad?

Print ads can be an effective means of growing your business and earning name recognition, but they’re also a different media than most use today. With the popularity of online blogging and social media, many seem to have lost track of how to create exceptional print ads, which are still often-used and well-respected. If you’re looking to dive into the published printing world and want to start with your own print ad, consider using these tips to guide you through. These are the most important highlights of a good print ad, so with these done well, your business has every chance to shine once your ad is printed.

1 – Have a clear, catchy headline. Keep it simple and to-the-point, and don’t add too many distracting words. Your headline should be the first thing readers’ eyes are drawn to, so make your font choice and placement bold and larger than the rest. This will give them the immediate sense that they know what to expect to learn from the ad, so it should help steer their attention to it.

2 – Give your headline at least one subheadline. Subheadlines are great for expanding on the headlines themselves. They allow you to provide clear, more detailed information while maintaining an eye-catching size and placement that is between that of the headline itself and the rest of your text. These will help expand upon your important points while summarizing some information for the readers. This will again help to steer their attention and tell them more specifically what they can expect to learn from your ad, hopefully catching their eye.

3 – Write the rest of your copy. The body of your ad is where it’s your chance to make your business truly shine. Decide what information would be most important to prospective customers and write it down in a conversational tone. Try not to overcomplicate your phrases, and stay on track with your topics. A conversational piece will get many more thorough readers than an overly-educational one.

4 – Make your graphics. Graphics are critical to catching reader attention, with both color and graphic choice being major roles. If you have graphics made that contain a variety of colors and a good quality for print, then try to stick to those. You don’t want your images to turn out blurry, and using color is often more striking than not.

5 – Finish your overall layout. Your masterpiece is almost ready– you just need to put it all together! When doing so, keep a good flow in mind. You want readers to be drawn to your graphics and headlines first, then easily along to the subheadline/s and the actual copy. Starting at the top of the page and working downwards in more or less this order should be helpful, but isn’t necessary.

If you need assistance in coming up with a design to make your print ad stand out, or any other part of this process, come into AZ Litho. As your local print experts, we’re more than happy to help you in these important decision-making processes. We want what comes out of our printers to be successful, stunning projects. Let us make your print dreams stunning realities for you.