Our Committment to Green Printing

AZ Litho is proud to not only call ourselves a green printer but to make conscientious strides every day to live up to that name. Our entire printing process is made as sustainable as possible, from start to finish. We start with clean energy, find energy efficient replacements for our daily plant usage, and even work to find renewable and recycled resources to output our products with. Let us lead you through our biggest green initiatives so far.

We purchase clean, 100% renewable energy. Through just one year of our commitment to clean energy, we avoid over 1.835 million pounds of carbon dioxide from being emitted into the environment. To put this environmental impact into perspective, the benefit of this is about the equivalent of 175 cars not driving over the period of one year.

Our plant uses T-8 fluorescent lighting. This lighting is not only energy efficient and long-lasting, but it also produces excellent visibility compared to average fixtures. It produces a 20-50% savings in energy usage while using less mercury than other fluorescent bulbs, and has a much longer bulb life overall. We chose this option for its reduction in our environmental impact as well as the energy conservation. Stay tuned for even more exciting announcements about out lighting.

We focus on using plant-based inks. We specialize in vegetable oil ink, which is not only a renewable resource, but its use lowers dependence on oil for petroleum inks. Vegetable oil ink also has a wonderful ability to produce color, as well as easier paper recycling.

We offer recycled paper usage and even recycle our products in-house. Recycled paper has been seen to have a variety of benefits, from reducing tree waste and saving electricity, to reducing pollution of several forms and stopping the increase of paper as landfill waste. The recycled material options we carry are high-quality and produce wonderful prints, proving the beauty in recycled projects.

For more information on our green initiatives, or to start your own green print projects, visit our green printing site at http://www.arizonagreenprinting.com/. Let us bring your most beautiful print dreams to life in a stunning, environmentally responsible fashion.