Safely Preserve Family Memories in Self-Publishing

Family memories are precious moments to hold onto, but have you considered immortalizing them? Self-publishing your family history documents, such as photos, poems, songs, stories, or any other pieces passed down can help to continue the memories that you hold dear. Publishing them for yourself, your loved ones, or even to sharing with the world can be a rewarding experience in sharing your personal history!

Many families have a type of oral history that never gets written down– it’s told in stories and songs, passed down from generations, but sometimes sadly lost to time. Putting your family’s oral traditions into writing can stop this cycling of forgetting and keep these memories fresh for years to come. Protect the words your family shares by keeping their stories on paper, refreshing them as the years go by to maintain them for the many generations yet to come.

Writing not carefully maintained and kept track of can far too often get lost within even short time spans. Don’t leave your family’s written pieces to chance! Collecting written pieces throughout the years, whether it’s recipes, poems, or the like, can help prevent loss of these precious artifacts. By putting them all safely into one collection, keeping track of them and ensuring their maintenance becomes a much smaller hassle. Share and protect these writings from generation to generation to spread these family memories with all of your loved ones with ease.

Let us help you keep these various family memories safe and immortalized in self-published works! Our design experts will be happy to assist you in your choice of best showcasing and preserving these materials. Let AZ Litho turn your family history into the brilliant print works of your dreams!