Reflecting On 65 Years In Business

AZ Litho first opened its doors in Tucson in October of 1952– 65 years later, we have a lot of successful work and a variety of adaptations to reflect on! Throughout the years, we’ve received over 80 awards for “Excellence in Printing” and our standards for operations and print quality are only rising from here! We take pride in delivering the best quality prints with the highest environmentally-friendly standards.

At AZ Litho, we love what we do and our passion for printing has grown alongside us. We continue to take pride and ownership in helping our clients’ print dreams come to life, delivering beautiful renditions at the highest quality. Never have we taken the community’s trust for granted– we strive to continue taking every opportunity to help you ‘wow’ your audience! Our mission is to continue exceeding expectations at every turn in order to make our clients not only happy with our products but proud to be our business partners.

The way we do business has never changed– we’ve always believed in being there for you and your needs before the ink even first touches the paper. We enjoy getting to know your needs and expectations in order to take them into full consideration throughout the process, from design to printing and finishing, and even through delivery! Our ultimate aim is to help you achieve your business goals, and our experts are here and happy to help with advice to guide you in doing so.

We also understand that while our mission may not have changed, the industry has and continues to do so! AZ Litho is aware that in this field, investing in technology can mean saving money and improving efficiency, so we’re not shy to stay updated. We maintain the leading edge in print technology to deliver you the best quality while maintaining manageable rates.

We’ve advanced not only in printing throughout the years, but our plant is now powered by 100% Renewable Energy Resources! We’re registered with the EPA, but we take our commitment to environmental responsibility even further by actively cutting down our own energy consumption by about 20 percent. We run our own, independent waste reduction and recycling program and take every opportunity to make our practice ‘greener’ as time goes on.

We’re proud to be celebrating how far we’ve come with not only the Tucson community but nationwide as well! Our strong ties here have given us the strength to work with companies all over the United States, as we’re happy to continue spreading the responsible, print excellency for what we hope to be many more years. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you, and we’re looking forward to the future.