Four Crucial Aspects to Consider in Product Packaging

Your product’s packaging is more than just a piece of paper— its importance can be comparable to the product itself! In fact, in a study conducted by The Paper Worker, it was found that product packaging actually accounts for about one-third of purchasing decisions. However, there are many important aspects to consider when thinking of product packaging, so finding where to begin can be a difficult task. Let us lead you through some of the important aspects to consider when it comes to packaging!

1 – Ensure your packaging is attractive to your consumers. Based on your target audience, make aesthetic design choices that will draw them in! Between colors, font use, graphic details, images, and even packaging material, there are a lot of options to consider. Think long and hard about what types of styles your consumers would best enjoy, and start your design with this in mind!

2 – Your packaging should implement and promote your branding! Your business uses branding to earn recognition and familiarity, so your products should easily convey your branding signature! Whether you use a particular logo, color palette, or even just your business’ name, including this information will help make it clear who the product was put out by– you!

3 – Your packaging can be used to convey important product information. If there are recommended usage instructions, legal requirements for labeling, ingredients, or other specifications you have to share, your packaging is the prime place to do so! Ensure your product’s information is easily within sight by putting it right on the label, where any consumer can find and read it.

4 – Your packaging is another chance to be eco-friendly. AZ Litho takes pride in its commitment to environmentally-responsible practices, from materials to our processes to energy usage, and packaging isn’t left out in this. We take the “green” aspects of your product’s packaging to heart, and so can you!

Altogether, your product’s packaging can help to promote and push your product a lot further! It’s a crucial factor to consider, with a wide variety of options available to you. At AZ Litho, we offer a range of options to help you along the way and even in the decision-making process! Give us a call today to talk to our design or print experts about your product’s packaging!