How Our Every Day Direct Door Mailers (EDDM) Can Take Distribution Off Your Shoulders

If you’re looking to grab your audience’s attention with a mailing campaign, then let us assist you in setting up Every Day Direct Door Mailers (EDDM)! At AZ Litho, we’re more than happy to not only help you with the design and printing process of your projects and materials. In setting up a mailing campaign through our simple EDDM service, you’ll be able to take advantage of our in-house expert know-how as well as our warehouse space and services!

We have everything you need from beginning to end to set up a brilliant mailing campaign to ‘wow’ and earn viewer attention. Rely on our in-house experts to guide you through the entire process, starting with your project’s design. We can help to save you from misprints by catching tricky file mishaps and help to enhance your projects with our printer knowledge in color, graphics integrity, and other aesthetic aspects. Our print experts are here with a wide array of options for you once your design is ready, from uniquely shaped materials to metallics, varnishes, and coatings, we’re ready to individualize your project and help bring it to life. The experience doesn’t just stop once the ink dries– we’re also here for your shipping and fulfillment once everything is ready.

At AZ Litho, we understand you have a business to run, so let us take care of the extra work. We’re here to help you through the entire print process and handle your direct mailing service, with all of the tools you need to monitor the process and stay on track of your send dates. Contact AZ Litho to talk to a sales representative today and let us get started!