The Impact of Recyclable Materials

Renewable and recyclable materials are a big part of the future of green business, so at AZ Litho, we put in our efforts to embrace them! That’s why we make continuous strides towards using non-harmful products and methods to reduce our impact, like our commitment to recyclable lithographic plates and paper. These products are both crucial parts of our business and its product usage, so we take pride in our ability to be environmentally responsible in these ways!

To help in making our printing processes renewable, our lithographic printing plates are recycled in an effort to cut down on wasted material. These plates are a crucial part of our system, but none are so crucial as the paper we print on! Our recycled paper is available in a variety of options for your usage, with both completely recycled product and mixed recycled product available, as well as proper labeling for your usage. Our strides to make the most of recyclable products makes for a large number of beautiful, recycled print projects every year for our clients and we take pride in that responsible usage.

Responsibility aside, there are a wide array of other benefits to our recycled product usage. Our recycled material usage reduces the number of trees cut down to make paper, saves electricity, and reduces the waste in landfills, air pollution, and water pollution. The environmental effects are numerous, and our in-house recycling program makes them simple and reliable!

Overall, green printing continues to be one of our priorities and is something we strive towards improving upon as time moves forward. To stay up to date with information or updates in our processes, follow us on social media! To learn more about our green printing commitment or to start your own green printing project today, contact our printing experts!