Pick, Pack, and Ship with AZ Litho

While at AZ Litho we’re design and print experts, our expertise expands beyond that! We offer our customers a holistic approach to design, print, and fulfillment that goes beyond when the ink dries. At AZ Litho, we’re also ready to help you store, manage, and ship out your products! We can break our fulfillment services down into three simple steps: pick, pack, and ship!

We’re ready to help make the fulfillment storage as simple as that for you, so let us explain our process:

1. Pick – The beginning of the process starts with you telling us which materials need to be sent out from our warehouse, which is temperature controlled and ready to hold your business’ printed materials and products. You can easily manage your stock online 24/7 through our client portal and we’ll even send you notifications when your supplies start to run low!

2. Pack – Have you been struggling with the hassles of packing and juggling each of your shipments on your own? There’s no longer a need for that! When we retrieve your products from our warehouse, we’ll also be sure to package them appropriately and according to your preferences. Not only will we ensure your products are packaged to arrive safely, but in an appealing manner so they make a statement!

3. Ship – When we ship your package, you can be assured it will arrive safely and on time! We offer direct mailing, ready to get your projects in the hands they’re meant for as soon as possible. Your shipments will all be available for tracking through our client portal, their status always at your fingertips so you can ensure we’re fulfilling your business materials on time.

At AZ Litho, we’re ready to help bring your print dreams into a beautiful reality! We are ready to assist you from day one, starting with your design, through printing, and even into the pick, pack, and ship part of the process. By trusting us to store, pack, and fulfill your materials, you’re allowing experts in the industry to take the stress of getting your project off of your shoulders. Let us take care of what we’re experts in so that you can focus on your business! Contact us today to start putting your print ideas into action!