Increasing Recycled Paper Recovery

As a part of our green printing initiative, we at AZ Litho take pride in doing our utmost at maintaining or exceeding green business standards. Not only this, but we’re happy to share information about new breakthroughs and information concerning recycling and sustainable resource efforts, including the latest about recycled paper consumption. Allow us to explain the good news about the increasing recycled paper recovery, the benefits of this, as well as how it ties into what we do!

According to the American Forest & Paper Association, 65.8 percent of paper used in the U.S. during 2017 was recovered for recycling. This increasing sustainability is a big win for everyone interested in recycling or environmental friendliness, but in terms of other benefits and in stride with AZ Litho’s motivations, this is also a great step in moving forward.

Recycling is a benefit environmentally, socially, and even financially. The process is one still being optimized, but the focus on its growth is helping to cut down on money spent and every step further with recycling is a help to our environment. The more we can reuse and recycle our resources, the less production cost there is to our planet. Recycling is also a social movement, with increased education and moral encouragement to act in recent years, coming with the satisfaction of knowing you’re making a difference.

Paper is now one of the most recycled materials within the U.S., with the motivation to take this initiative even further. As a part of the Better Practices, Better Planet 2020 sustainability initiative, the new goal has been raised to recycle over 70 percent of all paper products. Our hope is to join other green businesses, and hopefully, in increased numbers, do our utmost to help exceed this goal. To learn more about our green printing initiative, take a look at our green printing website, set up a plant tour, or contact us today!