The Debate of E-Books vs Printed Books

While there’s been a longstanding debate as to whether e-books or printed books are better, there’s no question that there are many differences between the two. While an e-book can be downloaded and read from most mobile devices, a printed book can be picked up in person, physically taken along with you. Both may accomplish the same tasks, but the feel, appearance, and formatting behind them have some serious differences! Allow us to discuss some of them with you further:

For one, an e-book relies on a computer code-like text formatting whereas a printed book is a digital print layout that’s mostly reliant on aesthetics. When looking at how an e-book is formatted, the numbers, brackets, and other coding may seem overwhelming. In fact, formatting a book this way may require a serious expert that knows what coding is needed and is fluent in writing it. A print book, however, is formatted in digital programs based on design and while there are technical aspects, what you see on the screen during the design process is more or less what you’ll get once it’s done.

Another crucial component comes down to how readers interact with the material. Whether you want your book available on an app store or to exist as something anyone can pick up from a local library or bookstore, even this difference can be major. When in use, an e-book may be easier to carry around, often cheaper to purchase, and may be more appealing to some who prefer to stick to the latest tech trends. However, a physical book has an unmatched nostalgic charm, therefore often making them more meaningful as possessions. They’re also often relied upon by schools, kept in collections, and their usage is often viewed as simpler and a more classic activity.

At AZ Litho, we realize that both e-books and printed books have their own benefits and drawbacks and that the debate over which is better may never fully end for many people. However, we’re ready to help you make the most of physical books and all of your other printed projects! If you’re looking to publish printed books, our experts are ready to assist you. Give us a call today!