4 Printed Tradeshow Must-Haves

Preparing for a trade show? It’s important to stand out at these events and really work to impress those that attend. While your work may be incredible, printed products can give you a bold presence that will let your business shine. AZ Litho is happy to help you prepare for your next season of trade shows, with a broad range of items printed for your individual needs.

Take a look at this list of tradeshow must-haves:

1. Signage – After all, how will people be able to find your display in the crowd? A big, beautiful sign can clearly give your business a presence, establish name recognition, and draw a crowd in.

2. Displays – Once you have people coming to your table, what’s next? The next logical move is to tell them about your business! A display can be crucial in maintaining their attention, with images, charts, and visual aids to help in your explanations.

3. Brochures – Brochures are a great way to not only help you spread the word about your business not only if someone can’t hear it from you personally but also to supplement your presentation and give your potential customers further information to take home with them. Stay in their thoughts longer with beautiful brochures!

4. Business Cards – Business cards are an instant means of handing out your contact information, so they’re important to send your potential clients away with! Having a stunning, professional business card is an important ally in ensuring your presence at the trade show earns you clients.

When working in unison, these print projects can help you develop a holistic way to interact with your audience! Bold, beautiful designs can help to highlight your work and spread the word about your business, which is what trade shows are all about. To get started on making your own trade show materials, ask for an estimate from AZ Litho today!