Refresh Your Business’ Print Materials Responsibly During Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning means it’s time to tidy up around the office, including those old and outdated print materials! While throwing out any kind of marketing material may feel like a shame if they’re especially beautiful, or a waste of product, there’s no need to feel bad about needing some fresh ink! The process of cleaning up and updating materials is beneficial, and even necessary, for your business to move forward. AZ Litho is here to help with our print expertise, as well as green printing practices to help you feel better about your need for new materials.

Your business’ marketing materials wear out over time, either in aesthetic appeal or due to your changing business objectives. Design preferences change over years, which may alter your logo and design colors, graphic choices, and even how you think about the same sign you’ve had for the past 5 years. This constant may even wear on your customers and fall out of reach with your prospective customers, leading you to want something fresh! It’s also crucial that your materials keep up with your business! If the name, any services or specials, or general information changes, you should be updating your signs, brochures, etc to stay updated.

Our green printing initiative is here to help you feel as though you’re not ‘wasting’ materials by ordering new ones! Our plant is run on 100% renewable energy, and to push our initiative further, we’ve recently cut our own energy consumption by about 20 percent. AZ Litho even has its own waste-reduction and active recycling program, taking matters into our own hands. We also offer options like the use of recycled paper, plant-based inks, and more!

While you’re finishing up your Spring cleaning, consider refreshing your business’ branded materials at AZ Litho! Our print and design experts are here to help you through the process from start to finish, with help changing out your outdated materials and our green printing mission to help you feel better about doing so. Contact us today to get started!