Fun Facts and Tips About Large Format Printing

When it comes to really wowing your audience, AZ Litho has your back with a wide array of print options and capabilities to suit your needs! Our large format printing is one way in which we can help you to think outside the box and explore different options with how to put these kinds of prints to use. Check out these fun facts and tips about our large format printing in order to learn more and get some tips on making the most of them!

1 – Printers can range upwards in size, giving you the flexibility to make print creations that seem larger than life compared to that of a normal printer!

2 – Projects are best when printed at 300dpi print quality, or better! You can start to lose the visual quality of your works once you’re under that margin, so plan ahead to ensure your design will be safe!

3 – Working on a document smaller than your project’s target size can make the design process easier– just make sure that you use a size that can easily be scaled up into your ideal one! Also, make sure to remember that as you scale up a document’s size, you lose precious print quality, dpi. Plan ahead by making the smaller document have a correspondingly high dpi.

4 – Remember its grand scale! When picking font sizes, formatting, and other aspects of the design, keep in mind just how large your project will end up being. It will be important to focus on font sizes that can be easily seen from further distances, and to check that your colors contrast enough that your text and design will be easily understandable.

5 – Large format prints can come in handy for a wide variety of purposes! Whether you’re in need of a sign for your business’ location, event booth, inside a storefront, for a presentation, or even on a vehicle, our printers can handle the task.

No matter what your wide-format print ideas, AZ Litho can help make your ideas come to life! Our design experts will be there to guide you through the process and ensure that you create stunning designs, while our print experts can help you to decide between your variety of options and create your project. Contact us today to get started with an estimate!