How to Work on Self-Publishing with AZ Litho

It’s time to work on publishing the book you’ve always dreamt of! So, how does the process work? The experts at AZ Litho can help shed some light on parts of the process you might not know about yet. Allow us to explain some steps you may want to take and details you should pay attention to during this process:

Format your book! Get ahold of our design experts and we’ll be happy to help you decide on the formatting of your masterpiece, between fonts, spacing, page numbers, colors, and more. There are so many aspects to choose from, and getting your original document files the right way will help make the rest of the process simple.

– Once your book is written up in your designated format, choose your finishing. Finishing details are a part of your book’s design, including how pages are bound together, the texture of the cover, the materials it’s printed on, and more. We have a wide array of print options to suit your tastes and needs, to make your book can stand out once printed and really ‘wow’ your audience!

Print a proof! Printing off a proof of your book will allow you to check over every aspect of your masterpiece, from the design choices to your spelling, to how it feels to hold. Check every aspect before making a larger order, in order to save yourself some future pains!

After you’re happy with a proof of your book, it’s publishing time! Congratulations on releasing your masterpiece! Remember that you can use our storage to keep your products, track your stock, and ship out your books as needed. If you’re looking to get started, you can talk to our print or design experts today or request an estimate from us online!