Reasons to Commit to Printing this Month

September is host to National Read a Book Day (September 6th), but it’s also Be Kind To Editors & Writers Month! In honor of these writing-influenced holidays, AZ Litho is here with reasons to consider publishing your writing. Writing comes in many forms– articles, books, pamphlets, banners, newspapers, and more, and we’re happy to help you make these come to life. Here are some reasons to consider choosing print form to connect with your audience:
1 – It feels personal. Putting thought and feeling into writing can make the connection with your audience feel personal, with room to describe your thoughts, experience, and more in detail however you see fit. Whether you’re publishing memoirs, a biography describing your work experience, or even recipes hand-made by you, printing written works can help you truly connect and engage with your audience.

2 – It’ll make a lasting impression. While digital files can be easily misplaced, deleted, or forgotten about, physically printed works often have a much longer shelf life. There are books that are now hundreds of years old still in excellent condition! Printing physical copies gives your project some permanence, meaning that it can linger in the lives of your audience, both in memory and on their shelves to return to.

3 – It’s a measure of success. Publishing is a dream for many people! It’s a big landmark and a great goal to strive towards, with a realm of possibilities open to you expanding your professional life once your work is put to paper. Self-publishing with AZ Litho will help you achieve that goal on your own terms, with a wide range of possibilities and freedoms open to you.

No matter what sort of print project you’ve been thinking up, there are many reasons to commit to making that goal happen! AZ Litho is here to help encourage you in this process, with design and print experts ready to assist you. Let us help you in creating and bringing to life brilliant print projects to put into the hands of your audience!