Three Thoughts About the Latest Print Industry Standards

Keeping up with standards is important in any industry, regardless of your manner of business. Being aware of the industry standard means we can best meet customer expectations, find solutions to existing problems, and continue to increase our quality and productivity. In the print industry, there are a lot of emerging ideas and new technologies that we aim to stay on top of in order to keep evolving as time goes on. Allow us to explain a few of these emerging ideas when it comes to print industry standards:
– Print now needs to compete with digital marketing channels. People are glues to computers, phones, and TVs, meaning that the print world needs to work to ensure it maintains user interest. This means more focus on what’s new and interesting in print, in order to keep evolving and staying relevant.

Short-run print products are on the rise! With products issued in a short-run, you have the chance to market a specific or even seasonal part of your business. The project being short-run means that you won’t need to worry about the information becoming out of date, and that you can keep refreshing how your printed material is designed.

– Many aspects of print are now evolving at a faster pace, with new paper, ink, and software coming into play as quick as the newest inkjets. This also applies to larger investments in print technology, which are now needed more frequently in order to keep up with the newest advances.

With digital printing on the rise, printing is now a frontier ready for more exploration and expansion, with new advancements coming rapidly. Here at AZ Litho, we strive to stay on top of the latest in the print industry in order to best stay on top of evolving standards and continue to move forward ourselves. Contact our experts today to learn more about our own print standards, or to start collaborating on your latest print project!