Changing Times Over 67 Years of Business

AZ Litho celebrated its 67th anniversary this past month, so in celebration, we’d like to reflect on how the print world has been changing and how we’ve been making strides in moving forward. There have been many achievements and changes in the print world since we’ve first begun business, but there have also been shifts in our own mission along the way. Let us explain some of the advancements that have occurred and how we’ve been evolving because of them:

The print industry has been working on innovations, with new technology and techniques to improve print quality and the industry standard. Since we’ve opened our doors, one of the biggest ways business has changed is with the introduction of Web to Print software. This software was made for print-enabling e-Commerce, suitable for both business-to-business and business-to-customer marketing. Web to Print is a tool that has helped catch print up to the digital era, helping make printing as easy to order as other online products. Print has truly come into the digital world, evolving to suit the way customers treat other modern products and services. 

Our standards and missions have also adjusted and grown throughout the years, with our increasing efforts to focus on green printing and minimizing our environmental impact throughout the past several years. Our products are all printed with 100% renewable energy, and we also run our own waste-reduction and recycling program within AZ Litho. We make consistent efforts to be more environmentally-responsible, including cutting out energy consumption by almost 20 percent, offering products printed on recycled paper with plant-based inks, and incorporating fluorescent lighting throughout our plant. Our mission is to continue making strides towards becoming more green while also improving efficiency to reduce energy consumption. Our pressmen’s combined 189 years of experience come together to give us the experience and innovation needed to help us keep evolving along with the industry.

As we continue moving forward, AZ Litho strives to continue to grow to suit both print standards as well as our own commitment to green printing. We will keep up our hopes of becoming more environmentally-responsible while we also pursue the new technology and techniques needed to keep print standards up to par with digital ones. For the past 67 years of business and support, we’d like to thank you!