Make Your Self Publishing Dream Come True

With the Tucson Festival of Books approaching, there’s never been a better time to celebrate your love of reading and writing! Use all of these fun happenings and events as inspiration for your own self-publishing goals. Many people dream about writing and publishing their own novels, but AZ Litho is here to help you prepare to make this dream into an achievable plan.As you begin writing your masterpiece, take some time to think about the layout, formatting, and other crucial design options that will be important to how your story is read! You’ll want to ensure that the pages are both readable as well as suited to your style tastes, plus these preferences will also alter other parts of your book’s design later in the process, like page length and how these choices tie in with the cover.

When coming to the point of solidifying your work’s design, AZ Litho’s design experts are here to help you in creating a visually-stunning project to suit your vision. With their assistance, you can ensure your dreams translate onto paper, portraying your book in its best light and taking advantage of all of our design and print options. Our print experts can walk you through all of our options, with finishing, binding, and more to explore. All of these options can make a drastic statement for your finished work, with embossing or even foil to help it stand out of the crowd.

Once you’re pleased with the finished design, you’re ready to print and we can help you in creating as many books as you need! We also offer storage, inventory tracking, and shipments straight from our warehouse, so you won’t have to worry about those aspects yourself. Let’s get started in making that self-publishing dream a reality– contact AZ Litho today!