Bob Bunge


I am not your typical printing sales associate. I have been in the printing business for 34 years and am a second-generation printer. Raised in and around the industry, I was introduced to the trade by my dad, now retired from printing. I have seen and experienced the evolution of the industry.

The production end of the printing has been my home for the majority of my career. Having managed and owned printing companies, I have a unique perspective that provides me a thorough grasp of business needs, both yours and ours. The need for quality, the unwavering demands of on-time delivery, the ever-increasing budget constraints, and the critical scheduling parameters of my clients are all paramount and understood when I am working to coordinate a client’s project. I also have a complete understanding of the printing and production capabilities of this company from design concept, to pre-press and production, through delivery and every step in between.

What this means to you is that I understand your projects in a way that other company’s associates do not. I can provide advice, consultation, and cost savings ideas for your printed jobs. I know the best way to produce your job, the best way to achieve your targeted completion dates, and how to do so within your budgets.

Most importantly, I bring to the table my belief system: first, that I will personally do whatever it takes to ensure that your projects are the best they can be. And next, that it is possible to develop a partnership that will benefit both of our businesses: a partnership based on communication that will result in a job that gets done properly, efficiently and effectively, not just a job that gets done.

The best part is that I am not alone in my quest for the best possible interaction between our companies. Our team tracks your projects from the time they enter the plant through each stage of production. We can update your team regarding progress and timeliness at regular intervals, as you require.

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